CEREC - New Dental Technology

CEREC Crowns

CEREC is a relatively new dental technology whereby a patient can have a crown designed, fabricated and fitted in a procedure which takes around an hour to complete, and involves just one visit to the dentist.

The process begins with the dentist removing any decay and preparing your tooth as he would for a normal crown to be fitted. However instead of taking an impression of your tooth using dental putty, he coats it with a special powder in order to take a photograph which is then converted by CEREC software into a 3D mock-up of your jaw, which appears on a computer screen.

The dentist is then able to use this model to design your crown. Once he is happy with the design the data is sent to an on-site milling machine where your new crown is made from a ceramic block which has already been colour matched to your existing teeth. Once milled, the crown is tried on for size and fit, before being bonded securely into place.

PRGF Endoret

PRGF is a revolutionary technology which makes use of the body’s own resources to heal and repair itself. Its full name is plasma rich in growth factors and essentially it makes use of the proteins which are released by the body, in order to regenerate new tissue and heal wounds. It works by removing a sample from the blood plasma and placing it on to the treatment area. This in turn accelerates the recovery period.

This ground-breaking technology can be used across a wide range of dental procedures including dental implants where it is used to encourage the growth of new bone, sinus elevations, post extraction sites, as well as for a number of periodontal defects.

The benefits of this technology not only offers new hope to patients who have been turned down in the past for dental implants, but also reduces the recovery period for implants and gum surgery. This in turn serves to lower the risks of post surgery complications, whilst at the same time minimising risks of infection and associated pain.

Snap-on Smile

If you’ve often longed for a Hollywood smile but lack the funds or can’t commit the time for lengthy and complex dental procedures, then Snap-On Smile could be an alternative cosmetic dental procedure for you.

The Snap-on Smile is in essence a false set of natural looking teeth which slide into place over your existing teeth effectively hiding stains, cracks, gaps, and missing teeth. To get your Snap-on Smile it involves just two visits to the dentist. At the first visit your dentist will take an impression of both upper and lower jaws as well as of your bite. He’ll then help you to choose the shape of your new teeth and to match the colour. This data is then sent off to the laboratory where your new teeth will be made. The second visit involves a fitting to ensure that the bite is correct, after which you leave the clinic beaming with a dazzling new smile.

Your new teeth are thin but extremely strong and can be worn when drinking and eating, much the same as you would with your natural teeth. Snap-on Smile offers a quick and cost effective solution to a brand new smile.

Damon Braces

Damon Braces are the modern alternative to the traditional “train track” style of braces which many people found to be uncomfortable and unsightly. By using the Damon Braces system to straighten your teeth, you’ll benefit from fewer visits to the dentist and your overall treatment will vary from as little as six months to just over a year in more complex cases.

These innovative braces are suitable for teenagers and adults alike and use light weight titanium wires which slide through small brackets fixed to the teeth eliminating the need for elastics to hold the wires in. The wires apply gentle pressure on the teeth and also rely on the body’s ability to create more space naturally. This means that your dentist probably won’t need to remove any teeth. The Damon system is very gentle and the result is that your brace will feel comfortable too. The brackets are much smaller than those of older style braces and at a little extra cost, you can have white brackets fitted to make the brace even more discreet. Since Damon Braces don’t require tightening, less dental appointments are needed and you’ll achieve a winning smile in considerably less time.

Not only will your new smile improve your facial aesthetics, but in older patients can make you look years younger.